Recent Sermon: Peter Part 4
Speaker: J.W. Norman
Scripture: Acts 1:12-13


With the help of the Twelve Stones team, the method of biblical care has shifted for The Church at Martinsburg. In June 2011, the TS staff led a two day Soul Care Conference where the church was able to begin the process of faithfully caring for and restoring believers to living biblically. As a young husband, father, and pastor the Twelve Stones team and mission has become instrumental in all areas of my life. My family and the church I am leading are reaping the benefits of the powerful learning experience during the Soul Care Conference. We’ve already planned to move forward with additional training from the staff at Twelve Stones.
If you’re serious about the Gospel and the transformation it brings in every area of life, family, and church then the Soul Care Conferences don’t just need to be considered, they need to be scheduled today!

– Pastor from Martinsburg, WV

- Pastor from Martinsburg, WV

Prior to our relationship with Twelve Stones, we were a church that was stuck in a culture of hiding problems and hiding pain. Our relationship with Twelve Stones has really allowed us the opportunity to really know people’s pain and to get them to have confidence to open up and share with other people in the body. It has helped to create a culture in which members of the body are better equipped to help one another and the previous culture of hiding our problems and hiding our pain is diminishing.

– Pastor from Indianapolis, IN